Upcoming math classes

General Info

Our math classes are taught using a series of weekly challenges for which students can earn rewards.  Since math is heavily progressive, strong emphasis is placed on building a solid foundation of mathematical concepts.  What’s included:

  • Free IXL Membership (math only)
  • Join our Prodigy Game app class for additional practice
  • Live online lessons every Thursday
  • 2 additional, supplemental videos each week
  • Weekly suggested IXL lessons
  • Weekly office hours every Tuesday for one-on-one or group assistance
  • Earn weekly challenge rewards and be eligible for a final raffle
  • No quizzes or tests because skills and progress are tracked in real-time… the work is the assessment
  • No textbooks or workbooks to purchase
  • Private online tutoring available for an additional fee

Summer Info

Summer courses are geared towards students that either need to build a stronger foundation for the coming year or would like to get a head start.
Dates: 6/7/21 – 8/20/21
Price: $195

Spring Semester Info

Dates: 9/7/21 – 1/21/22
Price: $295 up front or $79 per month

Fall Semester Info

Dates: 1/24/22 – 5/27/22
Price: $295 up front or $79 per month

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